Aerial Object Photographed in Fremantle, Australia Chemtrails
We were taking photos of strange new planeless chemtrails appearing over port town of Fremantle, Western Australia, 9km from Perth City, on January 12, 2007. We didn't see the aerial object in flight during photography until we uploaded the high resolution jpeg (a resized copy included as attachment, as well as close up inspection). It looks like a black triangular aircraft reminiscent of so many other sightings of similar craft amongst chemtrails... some on your site. We think the chems here were actually left by the craft, as no planes were seen.

This is the thread with more pics on infowars forum...

and also my post on the worldwide gas/bird death phenomenon... 8 counted in total so far.

They can't get away with spraying normal chems here because we dont get normal condensation trails (for their excuse) i suppose due to humidity and air type/temp. And no previous air traffic at high altitudes go through here. These trails were lower altitude. something major is afoot. take care.

Name withheld


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