Fort St. John, British Columbia-UFO Photographed
UFO Fort St. John BC On August 19, 2006, at 1:30 PM, I was helping a friend haul out his Moose and while we were waiting for a couple of other people to show up I started scanning the skies and taking random photos.

My friend said what's that? I looked up to see an object moving over top of us at a high speed. I set my camera on high speed to lessen any blur and snapped a few shots. I thought that it was gone in the second photo but it was not. It had moved southwest about a quarter mile away.

There was no wind and it made no sound. I use the high speed setting because it shows bugs and the like better. You can see their wings which helps to eliminate them as likely suspects. These photos were taken about 20 miles north of town.

These objects just make quick flybys and I've yet to see anything just sitting there hovering.

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