Alien Being Encountered in Galway, Ireland
City of Galway, Republic of Ireland. The sighting was on Tuesday, 2nd May 06, at approximately 19:00 hrs. My sister and her fiance were settling their 2 young children to bed. My sister was sitting in the armchair when she saw a glimpse of something stride past the living room door...I say stride because she says this thing was about 6 ft tall with very long legs.

She freaked out...told her fiance what she saw. Of course he told her she was imagining it. She then switched places and sat in the other armchair beside the window. When a few moments later she turned to speak to her fiance and as she turned this thing was standing right beside her. Her fiance did not see it at this time but knew something was very wrong and that she was not imagining it.

My brother in law to be was sitting on the sofa by the living room door changing the baby's nappie when he saw a glimpse of something stride past. With this they could not stay in the house and retreated to my mother's house which is close by.

Very shaken by the experience she filled us in on the story. She described this being as only to be alien like. She said it was at least 6 ft tall,with no hair, no facial features although somehow she knew it had facial features, was naked only there was no actual genitalia and was what she describes as the most ugliest colour of yellow she ever saw.

I would just like to add that they have now gone abroad since Thursday to Portugal and we received a phone call today telling us that she was taken into a Portuguese hospital complaining of feeling extremely week and hurts all over. I don't know if this has any significance but we do not have any prognosis as yet as to what is wrong with her. Would love to know what you make of all this. Many thanks for your reply.

Amy F.

A big thanks to Amy for relating this experience to us.

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