Area 51 "Shoot Out" in 1983-The Gate 3 Incident

UFO Editor's Note-The following account will soon be posted all over the Net, so I am posting here also. Just be aware that I have no way to validate the information through any direct contact, nor corroborate the account through any of the participants.

Following on from recent 'UFO' type disclosures and sightings - I have recently discovered (through an insider contact) an intriguing release from a genuine DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency) which details an account of a 'shooting' of an "alien visitor" supposedly detained at the top secret establishment Area 51, Groom Lake, Nevada - known in ufological circles as 'Dream Land'.

Now at first glance this sounds preposterous. However, it appears that other ex-AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Intelligence) officers have come forward to confirm the incident as being genuine. So at 'second glance' (!), it is not so much preposterous, as shocking!

The AFOSI insiders, real people - Capt Robert Collins and Officer Richard Doty are rumoured to be members of the shadowy UFO Disclosure group known as 'The Aviary'.

It has been rumoured for some time that alien 'visitors' were either detained or living at Area 51 , specifically at a place known as S-2. It is further rumoured by various insiders that these ET visitors were co-operating with the United States Govt in genetic and technical research.

Much of this detail can be found in Capt Collins book - 'Exempt From Disclosure'. Collins recounts interviews with one of these 'visitors' and even provides copies of documents which show that extraterrestrial technology has been employed within the NASA space-shuttle program.

The latest disclosure details an incident back in April 1983 at 'Security Gate 3', where a security breach lead to a 'flash-point' situation and culminated in the death of one private security guard from the Wackenhut Corp and the injuring of a stray ET 'visitor'.

One of the 'visitors' had left a secure vault and was "on foot" in the open S.2 area. Security and OSI staff were ordered to search the area and detain the 'stray'.

"As the jeep approached Gate 3, the OSI agent noticed the guard was missing from the required location outside the gate house. As the jeep stopped, the OSI Agent got out of the jeep to investigate.

The OSI agent walked up to the gate to check on the guard. As the OSI agent got closer to the front door of the gate, the OSI agent noticed the interior of the gate was blood splattered. The OSI agent noticed only small pieces of human body parts were left of a human being.

The OSI agent returned to the jeep and contacted the Central Security Control (main/primary security office for the complex) and reported the findings. The Director of Security contacted his office by way of a radio phone, mounted inside the jeep. The OSI agent, armed with only an automatic pistol, walked around the area searching for a perpetrator.

The OSI agent located the "Visitor," lying down near an underground water culvert. The OSI agent challenged the Visitor, ordering the Visitor to give up. The Visitor walked away, followed by the OSI agent. At some point, the OSI agent fired his weapon at the Visitor, as a warning. The Visitor, turned and pointed something at the OSI.

The OSI agent fired directly at the Visitor, hitting the Visitor directly in the chest with two rounds from the 45 caliber automatic pistol. The Visitor fell to the ground. It took about 18 minutes for additional security forces to arrive. The Visitor was placed inside a containment chamber and transported back to the S-2 facility. The Visitor recovered from the wounds."

The above amazing quote was released on 6th May 2007 to an international group of UFO / ET researchers. The group is comprised of current and ex military, air-force, CIA operatives and civilian Dr's and scientists from the field of medicine and science. This group have acted as a kind of 'Gate keeping' service for the UFO community in recent years and have established an extremely credible position within that community.

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