UFO Captured on Video as Model Plane Takes Off
UFO I am a reader of your web site for many years. I am from Germany and I had personally two sightings of UFO clusters. The first one was in 1980, the second one in 2002. I have had contact with a local gentleman and they have shown me your web site, so I was able to investigate further details.

Anyway, actual my hobby is flying model airplanes. My new baby is a model jet plane, which I was flying for the 3rd. time last Saturday. A member of my club did shoot this video with his digital camera. When I watched the video closely (frame by frame) you can see something is crossing the way on top of the model jet plane really fast.

The plane (my guess) is at that time about 60 to 70 km/h fast. The object is much faster, when you consider it behind the fence.

Anyway, please contact me if you need further information.

My profession is working as an engineer in electronic design and my age is 45! I did put a power point slide show with the frames I grabbed so you do have some more details to look at. There was not made any modification to that material from my side!

Best regards...

Submitter from Germany

Download Windows Video-Germany-Model Airplane Video- 1.47 MB-:43

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Submitter from Germany

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