Amazing Rectangular UFO Photographed in Germany, 05-06-06

Sighting Place: Magdeburg, Saxon-Annhalt, Germany.

Date & Time:- 6th May 2006, 19:00hrs.

Rectangular Cubic Shape, Gray in colour, Size is quite big as you can guess from the photograph.

Witness: No other witnesses since I took many photographs that day and when I uploaded them from my camera, this one photograph had one object in it which according to me is surely an UFO as there is no other logical explanation for it.

Weather conditions: As the day was quiet sunny, and since it was amoung the initial summer days, I went out with my friend and took many pictures that day.

You can find the picture I took with my friend's digital camera, attached with this mail and can see the UFO by enlarging the photograph.

Details:- It was 6th of May 2006 and just a day before my friend came back from a study trip from America. She bought a new digital camera there and we wanted to test it. So, we went out on that sunny day to take some photographs.

We took many photographs that day at different places in the city. This interesting photograph was taken in the city center called Alle Center near the ELBE river. Near the bridge there is a Parking space and I thought it will be a nice idea to take photo on the green grass.

Two days after that, while I was going through the photographs, I enlarged this particular picture and at the same instant I knew that I caught a UFO in my photo. I did'nt actually see the UFO, but the picture reveals that its definitely a UFO as there is no other explanation for that thing to be at that place at such a height at that point of time.

A big thanks to T. S. B. for sending in his sighting reports and photographs.


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