UFO Photographed over Glastonbury Tor, U K

I've sent you this pic I snapped last summer at world famous Glastonbury Tor. It was taken at 4 PM on June 7th 2005. There was nothing in the sky and no sound. The image appears to have picked up on sensitive camera bypassing human eye.

Experts studying the pic have reached no conclusion and cannot simply rule it out as a bird or plane (It's neither. I repeat, there was nothing in the sky)

Apparently, the local newspaper at Glastobury is going to run the pic this coming week. I will add that I have been up the Tor numerous times since 1984 and in all conditions day/night/all months/ weather conditions, but on this occasion I felt apprehensive and had what I believe to be a 'panic attack' (not my style!) and almost ran away!

Although I did manage to get up there, the uneasy feel never left me. Please feel free to ask any questions, I'd be delighted to have the pic included on your excellent site.


Malcolm Jenson,

Lincoln, England.

A big thanks to Malcolm for sending us his photograph and report.

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Report & Photograph © Malcolm Jenson

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