Orb Photograph from Colorado's Garden of the Gods

Hi Billy, When I wrote you a month ago, I had mentioned all the things that had been going on...and the 3 triangle sightings I have had, all just since Feb. 14th, 2006 (this year). Well, I have been going over pictures that I had taken years ago, which I had taken in recently, & had them put onto cds. I came across a picture that certainly surprised-shocked me! It was taken with my 35mm Minolta Freedom camera...(NOT digital).

A few years ago, I took my 2 daughters and myself to Castle Rock, Colorado for vacation...(we live in Michigan). While there, we drove to the "Garden Of The Gods," which is located by "Pikes Peak."

As usual, I took many pictures, and when I was going over these just recently, I came across this very interesting picture. In my pictures, I have these "different-shaped" orbs...not your "typical round orb" per say. I have these orbs, as well as the "typical round" orbs, in many pictures...inside & outside. (I have literally 100's of pictures of unknowns/paranormal/objects.)

We were standing outside, alongside a walkway/lookout they have throughout these beautiful formations. You can see the rock wall: we are standing by in the 1st picture. Also, in the lower corner, you can see the "energy-static-blur" I get in so many of my pictures all the time.

I have always "sensed" and "felt"...that "they" use these orbs for observing us. When I came upon this particular picture...it confirmed my feelings.

As I zoomed in on these orbs, I came upon one that, as I said...took me by great surprise! I could not get over what I was seeing...and how clear I was seeing it! I called my friend, and she came over to see it. I then also showed it to my daughters 1 at a time...then my husband. I did NOT tell them anything about this orb, except I wanted them to look at it. As soon as they each saw it....they all instantly saw the same thing I saw. So...with that said...I have sent the picture as an attachment. (I have 3 attachments.) The 1st is a copy of the original with the orb "Boxed" in for you to find. The 2nd picture is zoomed/cropped...and the 3rd is zoomed/cropped/auto-enhanced. I could tell you what is in the orb, but I would like you to experience it...the way I did. I thought it was very interesting....and I feel you will find it just as interesting. Feel free to post these pictures. Please tell me what you think!

Thanks Billy!

Patty Donahue

MUFON International Field Investigator & Michigan MUFON

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Report & Photograph © Patty Donahue, MUFON International Field Investigator & Michigan MUFON

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