UFO Photographed over Gothic Cathedral of Lincoln, England

As a researcher into the global French mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau, and author of my own 'The Lincoln Da Vinci Code' books, I visited the Gothic Cathedral of Lincoln, England to check out a geometrical phenomenon which occurs at noon only on 22nd July within a certain area of the SE corner of the Cathedral.

On this day, the Feast day of Mary Magdalene, and in connection with her RLC mystery, at noon the sun's rays strikes a portion of the stain glass to cast a blue patch on the stone floor, followed moments later by two red 'apples' appearing approximately two yards away.

These red apples then join the blue patch to form 'blue apples', a much searched for visual evidence of one of the RLC coded parchments referred to as 'Mid-day blue apples'. However, at 11.30 am, approximately half an hour before this phenomenon, these pictures were taken of UFOs above the Cathedral!

C.J., Lincoln England

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Report & Photograph, © C. J.

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