Unknown Objects Photographed over Illinois Grave Sites
UFO Hey I'm sending you the video I promised you on Monday. Here are some pictures from the same person. They were taken on September 26, 2006. One shows what I believe to be a inverted triangle with lights on the bottom, almost forming a heart. I will send one with the contrast adjusted so you can see the dark object behind.

Here is Julie's story:

"These pictures were taken on September 26, 2006. They were taken over a large grave site where they buried the poor who had died in the 1800's in Rock Island County, Illinois. I was told that a lot of young children are buried here with no markers. There were thousands buried here over time. "

"I was trying to catch pictures of orbs using my flash at night, and along with the orbs I caught this other object in the sky."

Julie S.

I promise i will send you the DVD from Arizona. I got her permission, so it will be on the way. It is ok to quote her and post the pictures on your site. E-mail me if you need additional info. I know her camera is a 3.2 mega pixel.

P. G.


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Photographs © Julie S.

Thanks to P. G.

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