Saturn-shaped unknown photographed over Guadalajara, Mexico, Sept, 2004
Updated! Objects Explained as Balloons, see bottom of page
UFO-Oscar Franco

The UFO Casebook received a sighting report from Oscar Franco on June 2, 2005. After reading the original report in which Franco mentioned that he had taken five photographs in Guadalajara, I emailed him back and asked for one of his best pictures of that day. On June 3, I received the image displayed here. Oscar's English is not the best, but I was able to get the gist of his report, which is as follows:

On September 11, 2004, My family and I were visiting a location called Ajijc, Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico. We often visit this site as a family. At exactly 4:58 P M, one of the family members yelled that there was something unusual in the sky above us, out over the lake. The lake is called Chapala. We began to watch the object for a time, and had it not been for a camera malfunction, I would have taken a lot more photographs than I did.

It was a little bit rainy when the object first appeared. With the naked eye, the object looked similar to the planet Saturn. You could see a hazy area around the craft, like an energy field. The object dipped down, and skimmed across the waters of the lake, and that was when I took five photographs of it before it disappeared.

UPDATE!, Objects identified as Balloons

Dear B J Booth,

I'm writting you about the article Saturn-shaped unknown photographed over Guadalajara, Mexico, Sept, 2004. This report by Mr. Oscar Franco was published on in November 30, 2004 as submitted by Brian Vike. Please see this:

At that time I sent a message to Jeff Rense alerting him this alleged UFO was only a common saturn shaped balloon made here in Mexico for the holidays and this kind of balloons have been causing a lot of confusion among the people.

As a member of the UFO research team we are very concerned by these situations that may affect the credibility of the mexican UFO sightings specially when the media discovers this kind of balloons and then try to discredit the UFO sightings as mistakes by the people disqualifying the serious research work.

We exposed these wrong sightings on national tv alerting the people about these saturn shaped balloons and presenting the evidences to advice them not to be deceived or mistaken. This is our compromise and obligation.

I had a correspondence with Mr. Oscar Franco about his sighting but unfortunately he refused to accept the evidences proving this was an actual balloon. Now he is forwarding you that old report even that it was exposed at that time.

I love your website B J Booth and I feel you should be informed about this and see the evidences.

The mexican UFO sightings are REAL and our research work responsible. We are compromised with the truth and will expose any suspicious or doubtful case. The truth must prevail.

My best regards,

Santiago Yturria

OVNI investigaciones

source & references:

Oscar Franco, eyewitness report

Photograph © Oscar Franco

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