Photographs of UFO Taken from Hot Air Balloon in U. K.
Cornwall U.K.-2006-

I was a passenger in a hot air balloon in Cornwall UK last year. The guy who owned the balloon got us quite high about 2000 ft. Well, it seemed quite high anyway. We were flying up over/near a place called Tintagel when one of the women noticed this object. It was slow to start with, kind of cruising but then took off really quick, it was gone in about two seconds after it sped up, if that.

No sound apart from when it shot off-then there was a basey thud/rumble noise which shook us all and we all gripped the side of the basket. It was a lovely sunny evening about 5 PM and was in last August. I would have reported it earlier, but I have no computer and have to use internet cafes.

Anyway It might be an airforce thing because there is an American base a few miles away call RAF St Mawgan.

Have a look at the photos and feel free to do what you want with them.

Additional info: The photographs were taken with my husband Canon SLR. It has a high speed motordrive on it and it went mad when I pushed the shutter down. He is a keen horse photographer and uses it when taking pictures of jumping horses. I'm almost sure it is an EOS camera. He is in Malta at the moment diving but I will ask him when he returns.

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