Light Appears Each Year at Hindu Festival
The actual reason I wanted to contact you today (I sent a mail earlier an hour back) was to bring to your notice of a light which is noticed every year but its origin is not known as yet. The light occurs during a particular Hindu festival. (I have read quite a few connections of Aliens and religion). I suspect this to be the best case of it. (Not proof)

Though the light is too small to be a craft, (hardly a feet of luminous light) it is noticed on January 14th every year at the religious place of Sabarimala. This is located in Tamil Nadu. January 14th is also a festival for most Hindus (Sankranthi Festival)

And believe it or not there are too many witnesses and people watching to claim it as a hoax. Though the light comes from a surrounding hill, this is what actually happens every year. There are more than 1 lakh pilgrims on that particular day to witness the lights! And they repeatedly visit every year to witness the lights.

There is a Live telecast on the local channels (if you have an independent dish, try and locate SunTV or SuryaTV on the January 14th) (the Makara or the light event occurs at sundown every year between 18:00 PM-20:00 PM)

If you seek more information about the festival itself refer to the below site.

Information about the light is mentioned below.

Specific lines:

At the same moment a brilliant light of amazing magnificence appears in the northeastern side to the temple at opposite mountain in a place called Kantamala (the home of devas and rishis). It is believed that this brilliant flame of light is the arathi performed by the rishis and the devas. This event marks the culmination of the pilgrimage to Sabarimala.

Recently I installed a TV Tuner card. Let me try and capture the Live telecast of the video for you. Let me know if you require any further details.

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