Transcript of the 08 MARCH 1994 Ottawa County 911/National Weather Service tapes

(Transcript courtesy of Don Nellesen - Georgia MUFON)
CALL: Yeah, Have you heard anything about these lights that are flickering (up in the air) in uh, what is that... the east... east southeast area... look like a group... they're...they look like a string of Christmas lights that go way up in the sky. I wondered if you heard anything about it?

DISPATCH: Not a thing.

CALL: Uh you might want someone to have somebody take a look, it's a different, I've never seen anything like it. (person in background garble) I don't know, it's strange um... It's right out east southeast, it's way up. Just like a circle, of a lot of different lights. It just isn't any airplane I uh... heh heh

DISPATCH: Ok, your address please?

CALL: Looking out the front of our house it uh... Dear? What direction did you say that was? {southeast!} East south east. And that's when we were coming down 16th street right to Country Club road if you look to your immediate... just to your lower right... right there in the sky?! It's just something we've never seen before.

DISPATCH: Ok, we'll have somebody check it out.

CALL: heh, Alright.


CALL: mmhm




CALL: Is this police?

911: We will dispatch your (garble)

CALL: Ok, um... I don't know if you guys do anything on UFOs at all... I got real one...

(long cut in tape)

CALL: um... it was uh goin up and down all night.

911: Ok, what do you have there sir

CALL: um, these were uh at least four lights lights, and they were all flashing like, like it was a sequence, it was a kind of like wreath, and there was four lights and they were blinking back and forth. And there's no way, I'd be afraid about that wide. And then it, and then it when down to three lights, and then it turn around, like it was a circular motion ,then it whet up and down then it, then it went to two lights ,and then the same thing, and then (garble) a circle.

911: Yeah, and you're at?

CALL: 419 St........

911: Ok, We'll have somebody stop by and see ya.


911: Ok

OFFICER: Central, Charlie 2171 down

DISPATCH: (garble)


911: 911

CALL: You guys busy?

911: Little bit.

CALL: Alright, This call isn't really an emergency, we're just calling about the UFO in the sky.

911: mmhmm

CALL: They're out there. They ain't airplanes.

911:We got a car on the way over there...uh... let's see.. right now... a couple other calls.

CALL: (garble) you too?

911: mmhmm

CALL: ha ha ha,

911: Where are they now?

CALL: They're just kinda hanging there, they came up as a group, then they kinda slid, I bet some kind a hot air balloon, or a helium balloon with lights on em, like uh... it wasn't an air plane... (garble) he was coming from the downtown area, so he (garble) hanging in the general (area) like there was wind might have choked em they would be balloons maybe, I don't know...

911: Ok we got a call from Stratford Way and that's where he's heading first and then he's going to get over to yours...

CALL: Ok, yeah we uh... they're dead stop now...(garble), yep, hold on 16th & Country Club


CENTRAL DISPATCH: Central Dispatch.

CALL: Um, yeah, this is a non emergency, so feel free to cut me off if something comes in, and I feel kinda silly calling, but my son insisted that I call... Is, is there any Air Force airplanes or helicopters flying around in Allegan or Ottawa County tonight?

DISPATCH: Uh, we've had reports down Stratford Way in that area (garble) and we're checking it out.

CALL: Stratford Way?


CALL: Now where would that be? We're right on (Ottogon - sp?) right on the county line.

DISPATCH: It's down in that area.

CALL: It is?

DISPATCH: Right down by Holland city.

CALL: Ok, because he saw them heading southeast of the county line of Ottawa and Allegan probably right on the Kent county line I would imagine.

DISPATCH: Yeah, we got em checking it out, they say it has something to do with radio towers down in the area.

CALL: Something to do with what?

DISPATCH: Radio towers down in the area... area of the air

CALL: Why don't you tell him what you saw the first time.

{sounds like her son gets on}

CALL: ok, the towers at a real high hill...


CALL: right on the county line there, and it was, and it was at like a 45 degree angle to the ground...

DISPATCH: uh huh

CALL: and like 4 or 5 lights and there all flashin right in a row from the top all the way down to the bottom...

DISPATCH: uh huh

CALL: and it was sittin there for a while and then it leveled off... and then it, then it moved southeast closest up in the air quite a bit.

DISPATCH: Ok, we got an officer down in the area checkin on it right now.

CALL: It took off real fast.

DISPATCH: Ok, We'll let em know.

CALL: Ok, alright thank you, bye



(RECORDING) You have reached the National Weather Service Office in Muskegon Michigan. Phone calls are answered during normal bui....


NWS: Weather Service Muskegon

911: Hi Muskegon, this is Ottawa County 911 calling.

NWS: How you doin?

911: Good. You guys have access to a radar there don't cha?

NWS: Yes we do.

911: You do. You getting anything weird down in the Southern Ottawa Southern County area?

NWS: Anything weird? Hold on for a second...

{muffled background}

NWS: uuhm, nothing more than the usual ground clutter we get right there, maybe I can get on a closer range...

911: The reason I ask, We're gettin a whole buncha calls of some strange lights in the Southern Ottawa, Northern Allegan county right near Holland city area...

NWS: Strange lights?

911: yeah, we can, we can (garble) UFO call, aw, come on, there's gotta be somethin more to this...

NWS: Yeah, well, I'll to have to call the UFO Reporting Center then about this, but um, it's just you know...

911: You see a couple of them... and we got a couple... and we got an officer out there right now and (garble) he sees right now is a tower would be (garble) replace their lights, they were on steady before, now their on alternating blinking pattern. That's what he's writing it off to, but there are a couple of our people our citizens and their sayin, "well yeah, but they seem to be movin." Well, are you standin in the same spot you were before? "No" Well, that would make em move to me ya know, you stand on one side of your house, you go to the other, yeah, they're gonna be in a different direction. So I was just kinda curious if you noticed anything or...

NWS: um

911: anything down there at all.

NWS: I'm looking at it in the vertical now and I... not really.. ok, wait a minute something right...there. Ok, lets see what that is... looks like a... there's a larger return down there... let's see, that looks like um... up about maybe... (garble) goes up about 6,000 feet and about... um

BACKGROUND VOICE: Presumed at NWS: Coulda been a plane.

NWS: Well it's pretty big...wait a minute

BACKGROUND VOICE: Presumed at NWS: That's weird.

NWS: Now, now it startin... appears to be moving south (garble) yeah there's something big down there (garble) that's really strange.... Um... I'm get down to... I'm getting it down around Southbend. No, wait a minute, I'm sorry, I'm looking at the wrong (graph? or draft?).... Let's see......... if I can find the right overlay ............... shoot......... It's moving. I can see it moving. It just about... moved about... well, well let me get the range (true?)..................Um... It looks like it's around 82 kilometers from me... puts it down about.... yeah, right down uh, the , yeah right down near South Haven.

911: yeah, that should be north yea, and uh, at the Allegan/Ottawa county line

NWS: and um........I lost it, yea, uh, there it's moving...moving towards the West Southwest... and it looks like a big blob.

911: Yeah, that's the way it was explained to us.

NWS: It's not.... It's almost off the scope, let me go to another...

911:hmm, That's weird

NWS: ............. It looks like it's fizzled out, no wait a minute....... yeah it was up about 6,000 feet or so... unless it was a um

911: huh!

NWS: Ok. I can't..... It disappeared... It's moving... cause uh...

911: One pass it's there, the next pass it's gone?

NWS yeah, um...I got it on manual now... I'm just kinda um...I'm continuously um radiating on it...and um, it looks like it's steady right now.....................(garble)...... I'm getting it now at um, about 12,000 feet... and it's uh......(this appears?) a pretty strong return

911: Huh!

NWS:.......... but...... yeah, I've never seen...Now I'm getting multiple returns.

911: One of the people that called that I just had happened to talk to said it looked like a bunch of cylindrical objects...

NWS: Well we...OH MY GOD!... WHAT IS THIS!?

911:...they were going together and coming apart.

NWS: yeah they're, well the, it, there's three, now they're length wise, now I'm getting three of em... and uh... I'm getting a third one now... and now they're separated by about, um... it looks like about 5,000 feet in height, and about ......... (garble)

911: This... an officer is sending a message here... says, he says um...

NWS: about, maybe um... they're separated by about 50 kilometers....


NWS: The uh, and then they're very... they're very strong returns, I'm get a real um... there is a (spiking?) so it's something pretty um, something pretty solid...not precipitation or anything... especially up at that height.

911: Yeah. An officer in Holland City just sent me a message, can we identify an intruder... he says it looks like three to four of them...

NWS: I'm seeing three, I'm seeing three and they're separated by uh, they look like a triangle on my scope. I'm looking one around down by uh, um...let's see... I'm seeing one down near uh, South Haven. I'm seeing another one over Lake Michigan about Northwest of (Benton?) Harbor, and another one east on (Benton?) Harbor which would be near Decatur.

911: hmm!

NWS: I'm seeing three of those. They're very strong. I'm getting another one down in Berrien County. These are Huge returns! I've never seen anything like it! Not even when I was doing storms! It uh, these aren't storms! They're, they're like just popping up all over the place!

911:This is strange. Actually the officer says that uh, green to red lights, does not look like an airplane, they come together then they separate, and they just keep doing this all the time.

NWS: I'm seein that. Yeah, I'm seeing three returns, uh they up a (garble) or two, South Haven, light... shine more light..................... South Haven... Ok the one over by South Haven has moved over to uh the Northwest by about... Now I'm getting... now they've changed positions, again. One about 20 miles West of South Haven... another one just above... looks like the uh Ca....Calo...Caloma...and the other one is just south of the coast of Benton Harbor ............Ok now, that one near Southhaven has moved... It's moving further out into Lake Michigan....... I'm getting him up, ok I'm getting, up, now I'm getting four... no... yeah I'm, I got four for a while... now I'm getting one way down... I did, for a little while... These are all up around um...... between 7 and 12,000 feet...

911: This is strange. Weird.

NWS: Yeah, I don't know if it's some kind of energy or um... the...the radar is picking up something...

911: This energy moves. I wish I could have, I wish we had a picture of it. Find out exactly where he sees them on the screen.

NWS: yeah

(Another voice with an echo, unsure of source): (Union System?) 
Be advised objects are they south of you yet or (garble)?


... ... .... (garble) that's over Southwest uh from 16th and Country Club area.


911: yeah he said they're southwest of Holland city, that could be ... that could be that one at Benton Harbor if it's up that high. This is really weird.

NWS: Yeah, I'm getting four, I was getting four... ok now they've moved position I'm sweeping back and forth in kind of like a triangle, just back and forth from where the beam is (spotted?) towards Chicago, then I sweep it back toward uh maybe Fort Wayne. Each sweep they uh... they'll be in the same position, and then all of a sudden they'll pop up somewhere else. So it, instantaneously moving and I'm getting about, uh between three and four returns, and they look like uh, sweeping in the vertical, they look like very strong spikes. I'm getting um..... It's really weird............. So I don't know if I'm uh........ These are bigger than planes... Usually a plane will pick up as a uh, a little pin point, these are about, um on my radar scope these are about the size of maybe um, looks like half a centimeter across.

911: (garble) I'm going to try Grand Rapids once here too, see if they got anything that they're aware of once too.

NWS: They look like they're moving, They're all moving towards the South towards Chicago, there's three returns moving towards Chicago. Um, they're about over center of um Lake Michigan, three of them in a triangle , and about the Southern, real Southern part of Lake Michigan probably just off the coast of Berrien County, just Northeast of Chicago.

911: I will give them a shout and see what I can locate them that way.


911: Thank you very much!

NWS: You're welcome.

911: Really appreciate that.

NWS: yeah, no problem

911: bye bye

NWS: bye bye


NWS attempts to call Ottawa 911_ gets automated attendant.

Calls another number.

911: Dispatch.

NWS: yeah this is um the National Weather Service in Muskegon, I'm calling to make sure that um the person that called me was really a sheriff from Ottawa County not a hoax.

911: He was one of our dispatchers.

NWS: Oh, ok calling about the uh...

911: We've been chasing them all over that way

NWS: Pardon?

911: We been chasing lights down...all over down that way.

NWS: So, So what, what really is going on?

911: Uh, no, we, I still got car out in the area.

NWS: can you hold on for a second?

911: Sure.....Did Ken fill you in on the weather service at all Jim?.......

NWS: Hello?

911: Hi

NWS: yeah, ok....... um. wha, wha , wha what do these look, what do they look like?

911: I don't know. We got a report of something going through the air with lights on it horizontally... three or four lights going at a high rate of speed up and down and all over the sky... I don't know, I bet we've had 5 or 6 calls? (or 8) and they've all been in the South Holland area.

NWS: South Holland?

911: South Holland down to Overisel down in that area.

NWS: Overisel. And um what color were the lights?

911: I didn't get what color they were.

NWS: Well, I did pick up um, I picked up about three to four blips, they were big, they were uh, they weren't planes because planes usually show up like a little, little pin point um that move, um through the uh, on the scope. These were bigger, these were about half a, half a thumb nail on the um, on the scope, and um, uh, they were up about between 5 and 12,000 feet, and they had real strong returns with them, and there were three of them, they bounced all over the place, but there was a general movement of about three of them towards Chicago, um I pretty much, ah, gave up looking at them when it reached Southern Lake Michigan. Right towards (garble).


NWS: I didn't, I did see something, and I haven't, I've never seen anything like that before... um, I don't know if wha, if it's uh, if you have an atmospheric phenomenon here, I hear they have uh, I hear the uh, the uh Northern Lights is going on, I got a call from uh um (Manton/Manson?) the Northern Lights are really dancing around really bright.

911: Oh really?

NWS: yeah, so

911: umkay

NWS: I think...they're either...(garble)

911: it seems to me the last (garble) were moving like to the Southeast from Holland towards Allegan County..

NWS: To the Southeast?

911: Southwest, I'm sorry.

NWS: Southwest towards Chica...

911:Towards Chicago.

NWS: yeah, That's what I was seeing actually move towards Chicago.

911: great!

NWS: I wish I had, I wish we had a recording of what I could see, well you know actually they are, the blip's showing up on the computer (part?) and this is being recorded...

911: well good, hahaha there is going to be a recording of this so just in... You might be able to see a um, um a you know a (movement?) on this if we can play this back.

911: umkay, alright, well if we get any more we'll let you know also know also.

NWS: ok well...

911: hahaha

NWS: (garble) Please do. Thank you

911: ok bye

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