Photograph of Ice Circle; Sudbury, Ontario
CCCRN NEWS-E-News from the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network-December 19, 2005

While only five known crop circle reports were received by CCCRN this past summer / fall, another "ice circle" was found on December 9, near Sudbury, Ontario, in snow- covered creek ice. Approximately 12-18 metres (40-60 feet) diameter, with a 2.5-5 centimetre (1-2 inch) deep 'V'-shaped groove in the ice defining the circle's perimeter. There is another possible groove a few inches inside of the outer groove.

The circle is in a bend of the creek, so it is possible this is a type of ice ring that has formed from a swirling eddy, as is believed to be the cause of most such formations (with more diffuse edges), yet the sharp, incised edge is more difficult to explain, and is similar to the ice circle at Delta, Ontario in 2000 in this regard.

A strong, unpleasant smell had also been reported a few weeks previously in the area.

Thanks to David Chevrier, Brian Vike, Nancy Talbott, Jeff Wilson and Andreas Muller for their assistance and input. The location is fairly remote and as of yet, CCCRN Ontario hasn't been able to go to the site yet, but other efforts are still being made.

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CCCRN, 2005

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