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UFO Sightings - Recent UFO News

UFOs from parallel Universe

03-23-23 - Triangle UFOs from a Parallel Universe

As the US military takes UFO reports ever more seriously, one British man who has encountered a huge unexplained aircraft 'the size of a house' is examining alien encounters here in the UK. A British man who worked for many years as an aircraft designer says he has seen UFOs over the UK that he believes could be piloted by creatures from another dimension. Colin Saunders had his own encounter with a triangular UFO “about the size of a house “ in 1999, and the experience changed his life. First he saw its lights, and then the mystery craft “de-cloaked” in front of him.

Austin, Texas UFO

03-21-23 - Strange Object Filmed in Sky Over Austin During Lightning Storm

Is this a UFO? When most people think of clouds, they imagine fluffy cotton-ball cumulus clouds, wispy cirrus, or towering, dark thunderheads. Anything else in the sky seems... well, a touch unusual. Space experts have made a list of the most common objects mistaken for UFOs. They include airplanes, lights on towers, the moon, stars, and even clouds. Yes, clouds. Like this one, dramatically filmed in the midst of a lightning storm in Austin, Texas.

Mystery Light

03-10-23 - Mystery Light Caught on Video

The video has left many to question if it is a UFO or just an innocent plane flying past. The object seems to be floating instead of flying, as it slowly moves up into the night sky. Well, it is very difficult to say what exactly the object it but it would be too early to call it an alien. “Unidentified” doesn’t mean “it’s aliens” — it simply means that no one yet knows what it is.

Ballymahon UFOs

03-08-23 - UFOs Sighted over Ballymahon, Ireland

A UFO, or an Unidentified Flying Object, was spotted by a resident in a small town of Ireland last week. The person on Monday reached out to a local publication, The Leader, and told them about the UFO. The reader said that they had spotted an unusual activity in the night sky over Ballymahon in Longford. The person in question also told the publication that he had recorded the incident that he saw around 8 pm. The Ballymahon resident says that even though the photos are a little blurry, the movement of the three lights in the sky was “very clear."

Area 51

02-26-23 - Video claims to show what happens when a commoner tries entering Area 51

Over the years, stories about Area 51 have created a unique subculture for people who are dedicated to know what the facility holds. The legends and stories about Area 51 are many. It has always found mentions in novels, comic books, films and television to leave commoners intrigued. In simple terms, Area 51 is one of the most controversial and mysterious places on the planet that common people can only speculate about. Watch the video.

UFO over ISS

02-16-23 - UFO Follows ISS for 20 minutes on Video

2020 - A BIZARRE UFO hovering between Earth and the International Space Station was caught on a live camera feed by NASA in incredible footage that lasts over 20 minutes. Astonishing footage of a UFO hovering above Earth has been caught by NASA cameras. The incredible video, captured on the US space agency's live camera sees the cone-shaped object keep pace with the International Space Station (ISS) above it. In a bizarre twist, the NASA camera zooms in on the object, appearing to show the US space agency acknowledges the UFO.

UFO over Doncaster, UK

02-16-23 - UFO Caught on Video over Doncaster, UK

A Doncaster resident captured a UFO racing at high speed above his street. Stephen C Hamilton captured the footage on a Ring doorbell in Mexborough earlier this month. The clip shows a huge, white object racing at high speed. He has appealed to anyone else who may have seen the UFO and said: “Could it be Santa helping late deliveries of Christmas posts from the postal strike or something else?

Hang Glider Nearly Hit by UFO

02-16-23 - Video - Hang Glider nearly Hit by UFO

SUTTER BUTTES, Ca – A hang-glider was filming the take-off of another glider near Sutter Buttes, California when he accidentally caught the footage of a lifetime. A small, dark, round object whizzes by so close it nearly hits him. It’s only a blur in real-time but slowed down and paused it reveals a strange shape like a ball but with four pinched-off corners almost like a wonton that rests on what looks like a round disk. Some speculate it might have been a balloon, but that old tried and terrible explanation is clearly not accurate. The object simply has too much weight and speed to be a balloon. It’s not the only Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon to zip past somebody’s camera phone, as another recent incident seemed to show military jets chasing a larger sphere that sped past a motorcyclist.

UFO Shot Down

02-13-23 - Pentagon UFO files reveal 171 mystery sightings

The renewed interest comes as four UFOs were shot down over US and Canadian airspace just days after a Chinese "spy balloon" flew over the country before being shot down over the sea. The Pentagon said it is investigating 171 unexplained UFO sightings in a report released just a month before four unidentified objects were shot down over North America. The government's efforts to document the mysterious objects, known in official terms as “unidentified aerial phenomena”(UAPs), has led to hundreds of incidents being looked into, senior military leaders have said.

UFO over Glasgow,Scotland

01-24-23 - Ball-shaped UFO Videotaped in Glasgow, Scotland

Several descriptions of a strange ball-shaped structure were reported in Glasgow on January 18, 2023. Citizens claim that the structure is one of the many alleged UFO sightings worldwide. Daily Star UK claimed that Russia took notice of the object, and its supposed response was to shoot it down quickly. This sparked significant controversies and theories. The strange phenomena will blow your mind if you enjoy a heated debate. According to Glasgow Live, the videographer, who chose to remain anonymous, believed that the structure was, in fact, a spaceship and that it was a successor to many that came before.

UFO over Mosul, Iraq

01-24-23 - Metallic-looking orb is seen flying over Iraqi city of Mosul in 2016

Expert warns of 'significant risk' to troops overseas. DailyMail.com has exclusively obtained an image of a 'metallic' orb flying over Mosul, Iraq in April 2016, from footage taken by a US intelligence-recon plane. The sighting in a conflict zone where the US military is operating has sparked security and safety concerns at the Department of Defense. The image, captured in April 2016 by an intelligence-reconnaissance plane, was included in a classified briefing video on UFOs shown to multiple US government agencies.

UFO over Western Sydney

01-19-23 - UFO Caught on Video over Western, Sydney

Woman films strange stop-start light flying in sky. No aircraft recorded being over Western Sydney at the time. The baffling object has not been identified at this stage. An unidentified flying object was filmed making a strange stop-start progression across the night sky exciting those on the lookout for alien life. The object which seemed to emit both steady and blinking lights was spotted by Sydney woman Tanya as dusk was settling at around 8.20 pm on Wednesday. She was sitting in on unit's balcony in the western suburb of Liverpool when the mysterious sight caught her attention.


UFO over Wichita, Kansas

01-12-23 - Man Videotaped UFO over Wichita, Kansas

These days everyone has a cell phone in their pocket. What might be better is if these days, everyone had a bit of common sense. The internet is full of videos of people pointing their phone cameras up at clouds, planes, power lines, sun dogs, rocket vapor trails, the moon, the stars, the planets, and occasionally drone searchlights and crying UFO. We get it, we get it—the thing is unidentified. By you. That doesn’t make it an alien from another planet.

UFO Russia Shoot Down

01-07-23 - Russia Claims to Shoot Down UFO

UFO Shot Down? Russian Air Defences Claim To Destroy Mysterious Ball-Shaped Object Near The Sea of Azov; Russian anti-aircraft missiles declare to shoot down an odd glowing ball-shaped object flying above the southern Russian area of Rostov on January 3, 2023. The defence system says it destroyed the peculiar object, and one native information outlet defined it as a “UFO”. Regional information portal conveyed that “a UFO within the type of a ball was shot down within the sky.”

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UFO over Buenos Aires

01-05-23 - Images of a UFO that revolutionized the residents of Olavarría

The celebrations for New Year lead people to stay up late at night, some until dawn, awake and take the opportunity to get together with their loved ones. As part of the celebration, a young woman from Olavarria, Buenos Aires province met a friend in a square when they got a shocking surprise. On the first day of 2023, it was already close to dawn, when the two girls managed to capture the exact moment where lights are seen that form a circle in the sky and a yellow circle emerges from them.

UFOs over Las Vegas

12-27-22 - This Alleged UFO Over Las Vegas Shocked a Crowd of Onlookers

Dozens of people on TikTok, Reddit, and other social media sites have been posting independent video of a huge “UFO” featuring red and yellow lights hovering for many minutes above a famous strip club in Las Vegas right before the holiday weekend. The object stayed stationary in the sky, behind some clouds, and the videos posted show the usual Las Vegas spotlights and other man-made lighting elements interacting with those same clouds totally differently and making the object appears as if something was really in the sky. So what is it? As several employees of the club were responsible for filming this thing, the first guess is to wonder if it’s just a PR stunt, though Vegas insiders say that the Sapphire Gentleman’s Club doesn’t exactly need a lot of advertising.

UFOs over Wisconsin

12-24-22 - UFOs Videotaped over Wisconsin by Multiple Witnesses

Strange bright white lights were seen zipping across the night skies. Multiple witnesses across rural Wisconsin shared extraordinary footage of strange lights shooting across the night skies on December 1. The phenomena was filmed from different locations by several witnesses who ruled out searchlights on the ground as a possible explanation. Kimberly, from West Bend, told DailyMail.com she was driving at 10:45pm when she saw a white glowing object swoop down in front of her and lights in the sky. A few hours earlier in Howard, Andrea Lynn witnessed multicolored lights flashing, swooping in circles and darting across the sky.

Sphere over Colorado

12-02-22 - Gigantic Sphere over Colorado Captured on Camera

This gigantic multi-colored sphere traveled across Colorado’s ski country for more than five hours on October 12, 2022. The FAA weather camera at Wolf Creek Pass snapped photos of it every ten minutes. Remarkably, a devoted sky watcher, Gina Maria Colvin Hill, was watching the live feed and saved the video. The video is brief but it includes a 32 sequential photos that were snapped every 10 minutes (32 x 10 = 320 minutes or 5.33 hours). The entire sequence begins 33 seconds into the video that is shown on website.

Brazil Alien Autopsy

11-25-22 - More Photographs of Varginha Alien, including Autopsy

I have received more information from a source in Brazil about the Varginha case. This time I was able to get video of policemen around the entity. Also I received 8 photographs taken during an autopsy on the creature. If you have a weak stomach, you might want to skip over those. The police video is at the end of the presentation.

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UFO over Orlando

11-23-22 - UFO Caught on Video over Orlando, FL

by Jerry Thornton - Everyone, meet Chivonne SayWhat. UFO enthusiast. Minimimalist documentarian. Investigative journalist. Stunning, brave, willing to speak truth to power. Chivonne, meet everyone. I'm a happily married man of a lot of years. To a loving woman I'm lucky to have. But even I have to admit there's a hole in my heart for someone who shares my passion for the UFO phenomenon. Think Richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters, when he leaves Teri Garr to run off and chase UAPs with Ralphie Parker's mom, Melinda Dillon. Sometimes you just need that person in your life.

Varginha Entity

11-12-22 - Actual Photograph of the Varginha, Brazil Entity

I'm interested in science, the unexplained and UFO research. Several years ago, someone told me an amazing story and showed me a very interesting photograph. After much persuasion, this person agreed to make this image public for opinion and debate. The person claimed that in January 1996 in Varginha, Brazil, they saw and photographed a small humanoid creature. They described the creature as being roughly the size of a small child, with red eyes, no neck, and some sort of lump or horn on top of its head. They told me the creature's skin looked tanned and oily. They told me they saw the creature crouching and hiding behind a wall, moving around and looking very nervous and very scared. They said the creature disappeared from sight and they never saw it again.

UFO near Eclipse

11-12-22 - Woman Recording the Eclipse May Have Caught a UFO

Is that star moving? Many folks had their cameras pointed at the night sky for the recent lunar eclipse and this woman caught something else entirely. At first it looks like Orion’s Belt with three starts in a line, but then the middle star starts to move. She zooms in and it is clear it is not an airplane. She zooms back out so the movement across the sky can be better seen and it goes over the top of a house completely. While it’s exciting to hope for extraterrestrial visitors from a galaxy far away, this case seems to be the work of a satellite in the earth’s orbit.

UFO Drawing

11-03-22 - New Evidence on 1994 Zimbabwe UFO Landings

Never-before-seen photos reveal extraordinary wedge-shaped impressions and oval imprints left in a grass field by UFOs during famous 1994 sighting witnessed by more than 60 schoolchildren in Zimbabwe. New photos obtained by DailyMail.com show imprints in the ground left by an alleged UFO that was seen by over 60 witnesses in a famous 1994 sighting in the southern African country of Zimbabwe. A class of 62 students at the Ariel School in Ruwa, said they saw a disc-shaped craft land in a field behind their playground on Friday September 16, 1994 - and some even claimed humanoids emerged from the craft. The extraordinary case has fascinated researchers for decades, however, the one element that had been lacking was physical evidence of the landing.

UFO over Missouri

10-15-22 - Missouri Doorbell Camera Captures UFO

Something very strange just flew over Raytown, Missouri. A doorbell camera shows what looks like a translucent UFO slowly moving over Raytown, Missouri. The security video shows the object from 2 different perspectives. I initially was very skeptical of this video for obvious reasons. It's looks like a very large object that just seems to be floating across the sky over Raytown, Missouri on Thursday night, October 13, 2022. Here's what the eyewitness said about it: Eyewitness states: Unknown aerial object caught on camera, slow moving and sometimes translucent and sometimes rejecting light.

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