B J's Interview with Becky Andreasson

Becky Andreasson and Friend
Becky Andreasson is the daughter of famous abductee, Betty Andreasson Luca, and an abductee herself. She has now launched her own web site, where she shares her life long experiences with beings not of this world.

She has been kind enough to answer some questions from B J about the strange, paranormal encounters which have touched the lives of her and her family.

Five books, to date, have been authored about these ongoing events, plus many newspaper articles, magazines, and web articles. Becky says that what has influenced her more than anything else is the mystical language taught to her by the "Elders."

Her experiences began as a young child, when she was taken from her crib by one of the Elders. When she was returned, she was left outside of her house. Her mother was informed by the next door neighbor that Becky was playing outside.

There was no way she could have left the house by herself.

Her mother was frightened by this puzzling occurrence...but the full implication of these happenings would only be revealed many years later.

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  • B J: Becky, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. I am sure this will give them a better understanding of the enigmatic experiences of alien abductees.

  • Becky: You're very welcome B J

  • B J: On your web site, you talk about the time you were taken from your crib as a child. Was this your family's first paranormal experience?

  • Becky: No this was not my family's first paranormal experience. I was a new born infant in my bassinet, next to my parents bed. Around 3:00 AM my mother was awakened by a mans gentle voice calling her name. She looked at me and glanced around the room, her name being called again, she could see no one. Try as she may, my father would not wake up, so through fear, she quickly covered her head with the blanket! This was my beginning, linked to my mothers line of on going paranormal experiences.

  • B J: Do you recall any details about the alien craft you were taken to? What did the aliens look like?

  • Becky: There were several occasions when I was in alien crafts and yes I do recall. First there was soft lighting with no casting of shadow in all the crafts I've been in. I heard what sounded like glass wind chimes in the crafts. There were training stations, large screens, unusual toys, tall, glass-like cylinders, floating disks, rooms of mirrors, seats, tables, types of windows in some of the rooms, a large open canister that contained the same light that held me up in my bedroom, from that growling creature crouched in the corner of my room. There was also some of the symbolic symbols written above a door in one of the rooms. These are a few details of crafts I've been in.

    My experiences are with a few different types of aliens; The Elders/Human looking, tall, white hair, blue eyes, very light white skin and dressed in white garments.

    The Beings/Human looking, a bit shorter then the Elders, light blond hair, green eyes, white skin and dressed in white garments; these Beings, in my opinion, look like they could pass as human!

    Ishta/Human looking, seemed tall to me, reddish-brown hair, brown eyes, white skin, dressed in a dark green garment and wore a mystical ring on her finger!

    E sa/ Human looking, very tall, whitish-gray hair,olive-green skin, dressed all in white and when he spoke, it was in a singing form in the language of the symbols I was taught and I understood him! E sa wore a jeweled medallion necklace.

    The Grays/short-around 3 to 4 1/2 feet tall, large, dark almond shape eyes, slit for mouth, indented-nose and ears, large head, no hair, grey skin.

    Creature in the corner of my bedroom; dark murky brownish color, red eyes, growling! kind of looks like a chupacabra creature.

    There are other beings I have encountered and paranormal experiences that I have had. These will be revealed on my web site in the near future!

  • B J: Do you recall having any interaction with the other two children who were playing with the weightless toys? Did they notice you when you came in?

  • Becky: Yes. We all played with the toys together and when Nadine and I were sitting in the seat, I whispered to her, "Don't be afraid," as she was squeezing my hand. Her and I also played at the big screen.

  • B J: How many other encounters did you have before the famous 1967 abduction of your mother?

  • Becky: Several, some are recorded in the Andreasson Legacy.

  • B J: Do you remember the suspended animation while it was happening, or was it only afterward that you were aware of it?

  • Becky: No, I don't remember being in suspended animation, I do remember being active and seeing other family members in the suspended state.

  • B J: You call the aliens "peculiar" looking. Can you describe them for us?

  • Becky: At age 11, they looked like clay men in suits with big heads and large eyes, to me.

  • B J: Did they communicate with you or other members of your family? If so, how?

  • Becky: In the 1967 encounter, they communicated telepathically with Mom and I, also Jessup played light games in the air with me.

  • B J: You call the aliens, "The Watchers." What is the origin of this term, as relating to the aliens?

  • Becky: "The Watchers," this term relating to the aliens for me means that these Watchers are doing just that, watching over Mankind.

  • B J: Can you say that these beings were the same as those who took you as a child?

  • Becky: From birth to age 12, I was taken by the Elders, Beings and Ishta. After 12 years old, there were Elders, Beings, Ishta, and GRAYS. Also something people do not know about my experience in 1967, this was the VERY FIRST TIME I EVER SAW A GRAY! Mom was taken and the family all stayed in suspended animation, and I was playing light games in the air with Jessup!

  • B J: Were you told to call one of the Watchers, Jessup? Did he introduce himself to you with that name, or did you just know that?

  • Becky: No, I was not told to call him Jessup. No, he didn't introduce himself, I just knew that he is Jessup.

  • B J: The "blue book" that you mentioned as the beginning of your knowledge of symbolic writing, what happened to it?

  • Becky: I don't know what happened to it.

  • B J: When you were taken from your Virginia home, you mention being trained at different stations. What are the stations, and where were they located?

  • Becky: There were three stations in a funny shaped room all open. 1st station was a screen with the symbols, the 2nd was a station that furthered my activation and interaction of the symbolic training, and the 3rd was measuring and sealing the symbolic training within me.

  • B J: You mention the skin peeling from your hand after the training. Did you ever seek medical help for this?

  • Becky: No, I couldn't afford the medical bill at the time. It was like a sun burn peel, and it did not hurt at all; there was no pain. I didn't worry about it. It was all peeled off and healed within two weeks time.

  • B J: You claim to have a certain "connection" with symbolic writing. Are you psychic, and do you have any other special abilities?

  • Becky: Yes, I'm am connected to the Symbolic Writing, by a form of drawing and a special channeling from a lifetime connection with the Elders and the blessed learning of this wonderful ancient symbolic language. These writings I do for people connect them to the Elders, each writing is all about Only that Person and Their Life.

    Yes, I am psychic and some of my other special abilities are I'm artistic, I write poetry, which has been published, and I sometimes I am able to discern dreams. I do have a few other special abilities, but for now I'll keep those hush, hush!

  • B J: You come from a large family. Have any of your brothers or sisters had experiences like yours, beside your mother and stepfather?

  • Becky: Yes, but I would prefer not to comment on my family as to respect their privacy.

  • B J: How is your relationship with other members of your family? Are you a close family?

  • Becky: Wonderful, we are a close knit family.

  • B J: There is some great art work on your site, drawn by your mother. Are these from experiences of yours that you related to her?

  • Becky: Thank You B J. Yes, they are drawn by my mom and they are of my experiences I have related to her.

  • B J: Are the experiences still ongoing for your mother and stepfather?

  • Becky: Yes, but again I feel they should speak of this, not I.

  • B J: Do you socialize with other alien abductees, or belong to any kind of support group?

  • Becky: Besides my family, no, I do not belong to any support groups.

  • B J: Were you or any members of your family subjected to regressive hypnosis?

  • Becky: Yes, I was and some family members were, but portions of our experiences were consciously remembered as well.

  • B J: You mention several different types of alien beings on your site. One of them was more like a creature that was in your bedroom. How would you describe this being?

  • Becky: I was surprised to later see a close resemblance to the chupacabra and thankfully I was protected in the beam of light!

  • B J: Tell us what you think about Ufology today. Are we making any progress in solving or understanding the mysteries behind UFOs and alien abduction?

  • Becky: I do not have much information on the whole of Ufology, of what I do know, great strides have been made by video cams and brave people coming forward seems more so today then yesteryears. Also though we are still fighting against disinformation, cover-ups, intimidation, and fear, which I hope some day we will be free of! All in all, I feel we are making positive progress, LEARNING and UNDERSTANDING, YES!

  • B J: Thank you so much for the time you have spent with me. Do you have any additional comments you would like to relate to our readers?

  • Becky: Yes, thank you, B J. There will be more added to my web site in the near future on my past and on going experiences. Showers of Blessings to All!

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