UFO Photographs from Ipiales, Columbia
IPIALES UFO The UFO photographs presented here were sent to the UFO Casebook in the last couple of days. I have delayed posting them, awaiting confirmation from photographer for authorization to post, and to answer some questions about the sighting and taking of the photographs. Here is the information that I have at the present time.

The photographs were taken in Ipiales, Columbia during the weekend of November 18-19. The witness Freddy states that the first photo was taken of a large, luminescent shape. The next photos show UFOs circled in red, and a cigar UFO. The last photos show another luminescent point circled in green. He states that they are "plasma" UFOs.

The first photograph is linked from small top left image. It is the most striking, and links to a 960x720 pixel photograph. If any of you readers would like to study this particular photo, let me know, and I will send you the original 2592x1944 pixel image via email.

Photographer / Witness Freddy

Thanks to Freddy for sending some very interesting photographs to ponder over.


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