Bright Glowing Object Videotaped over Sierra Foothills, 06-01-06

Hi B J,

Couldn't sleep for some reason and got out of bed around 4:20am (PST). Decided to go check on the skies outside and my dog. There seems to be times I'm drawn to go look at the stars and this may have been one of those times as no sooner had I stepped outside that I noticed this glowing object in the western hemisphere traveling in a due East trajectory.

I rushed in and grabbed my camcorder and caught about 25 seconds of decent (yet a bit shaky) footage of the bright low flying globe-like object.

I had to use my "NiteShot" mode on the Sony camcorder to be able to get it on video as while I was in 'regular' mode the object was barely visible.

I continued to shoot it till it went behind some tress. There was no deviation in its trajectory path or speed, nor in it's luminosity. It had no blinking FAA lights, and made no sound at all.

I checked with "Heavens Above" and the "NASA" satellite tracking site and no objects were to be in the area for another hour (or so).

Date: June 1st
Time: 4:22am to 4:24am (PST)
Witnesses: One
Object: Single Glowing Globe Shape
Speed: Perhaps abit faster than the speed of a two-seater Cessna
Color: Constant Bright Luminous White
Size: Indeterminate
Distance: Indeterminate, (but guessing several miles)
Trajectory: Heading Due East
Weather: Crisp 67 degrees, No Wind, No Clouds
Sound: None (albeit normal ambient early morning sounds)
UFORA Member
Johnny Anonymous

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