Triangle UFO videotaped in Sonora, CA, 07-22-05

While visiting Dr. Mark Olson of Sonora Sightings (, I was experiencing a sleepless night. I had this urge to go outside and when I did I noticed an extremely bright object off to the East and moving towards the West. I ran inside and grabbed the Camcorder and as I was setting it up noticed that it was not only very fast, but was starting to turn towards the North. I was able to capture about a minute of it before it disappeared over Lyon's Bald Mountain. There was no sound noticed during the observation.

The interesting thing is that Dr.Olson the nite before had also captured an unusual object also that resembled a triangle and R. David Anderson of Modesto, CA. (approximately 60 miles west of Sonora, CA.) caught a triangular object later the same day of my "tri-lit" capture.

Am guessing that the speed of this craft was roughly 900 to 1000mph and several miles from my location and "point of view" from Dr. Mark's back balcony (looking towards the east).

Apologies for not being set up on a tripod and there being a bit of camera-shake. Also I was so overwhelmed by the speed (and being tired) that you'll notice I stammer a bit in my verbal reporting as I was taping.... I started off taping in 'niteshot' mode and then switched to normal mode about 2/3rds through the taping

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Date: July 22nd, 2005
Location: Sonora, CA. USA
Time: 2:30 am (PST)
Witnesses: One
Observation Time: Over two minutes
Footage Time: under a minute
Equipment: Sony Digital Camcorder, no tripod, free-hold (handheld)
Object: Triangle
Color: Reddish glow with the two outside lights being more luminous
Trajectory Path: From the East to the West, and then rapidly turning to the North
Speed: 900-1000mph
Sound: None
Weather: Clear, no clouds, no wind
Other Air traffic: None visible in the area

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