Conklin, Alberta - Jackfish Creek & Highway 881 Disk Shaped Object

Date: July 3, 2006 Time: Daytime

Number of witnesses: 1 Number of objects: 2 Shape of objects: Disk shape and beam of light.

HBCC UFO Research Note: The beam is a lens effect. (camera)

Full Description of event/sighting: Brian, I was on the coast to coast website and pulled up the Anomalous Beam article on a Alberta search. I saw the same kind of beam of light and I have 2 photos. The first, is a photo of Jackfish bridge with a disk shaped object, and a beam of light just missing it. The object has a bright area on top of it, almost like a cloud and a possible contrail or object trailing behind it. It's almost like a dragonfly captured in a digital image, but I don't think it is.

The next picture, is really similar to (name removed) photo. It kind of freaks me out, because of the beam of the in the first photo. I'm taking the picture, standing on a log near the edge of the river. That same beam of the light or another one, is about 80 feet away from me, coming up the river bank. I wonder if it hit me eventually?

Anyway, it may be a sun beam, but I'd hoped you may be able to look at the pictures and give me your opinion. They are very interesting, and they just may help you on your quest to expose what's really going on out there.

Thank you to the person for sending the report and photos.

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Photos 2006 S.M.

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