Moon object videotaped in California, June 17, 2005

The UFO Casebook received this report from good friend Johnny Anonymous on 06-18-05.

While shooting "fill" footage for an upcoming DVD, I happened to catch an object flying into the viewframe. I had the camcorder positioned so the Moon would travel left to right in the screen's view. I had just locked down the tripod and had taken my eyes away to see what else was happening skyward and so did not notice the object till later this evening while reviewing the tape.

I zoomed in on the object with my editing system and you can clearly tell that between the path and the shape that it is not a airplane, bird, bug or balloon. It catches the reflection of the sun momentarily as it seems to spiral slowly from the bottom right hand area and then exits off the bottom 1/5 of the right viewscreen area.

Distance would be probably 10-13 miles from the cameraperson's POV at an approximate 45* arc to the southern horizon. Size undeterminable as there was nothing but the moon to compare it to. The object was obviously not able to be seen by the naked eye, nor was I aware of it's presence as I had taken my eye away from the viewscreen. I would have loved to have seen it as I would've difinitely followed it.

Date: June 17th, 2005
Time: approximately 7:20pm.
Wind/Weather: blowing from the East/NorthEast, mild clouds behind me in the 
Object: Oval or Eggshapped.
Duration: Approximately 3-4 seconds.
Color: Dark with slight sun reflection off the top.
Size: Unknown with no comparitive to judge against.
Distance: 10-13 miles (guessing).
Object's Location: 45' arc to the Southern horizon.
Trajectory: UP and slightly to the West/SouthWest.
Speed: Unknown, but not very fast, as a jet in the same POV would've 
travelled 3X the speed.
Witnesses: One, the cameraperson.
CameraPerson's Location: 70 miles East of San Francisco.
Equipment:  Sony DCR-TRV720 Digital8 format, Fluidhead tripod, 2x Optical 
I'll be sending a short video to Coast To Coast, UFO Casebook & to Peter Davenport as soon as I get through uploading it to the computer and converting it into a mpeg format.This is soley a preliminary 'heads-up' report.

Johnny Anonymous

June 17th. 2005

Video & Still Photos © Johnny Anonymous

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The UFO Casebook has edited the above video by zooming in on the portion of the film with the object, and slowing it down to get a better look at the anomalous object. This immediately follows the video that Johnny sent us. thanks. (B J)

Video requires Windows Media Player, you may download one free here.

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UFO Casebook online report/Johnny Anonymous

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