POLAND: Photograph of Alleged UFO over Janiki
UFO Janiki [Slaskie], November 24th, 16:30-On 24th November an interesting incident took place in Janiki village. A man driving his car noticed an unidentified object flying over his vehicle. He managed to capture the alleged UFO on a photo.

On 24th November 2006 a photo presenting an alleged UFO craft was taken in Janiki village in Silesian Voiovodship. The alleged object[s] flew over the village, baffling and scaring a driver who managed to took a photo while - according to his relation - the UFO began to disappear on the right side of the road.

On 24th November 2006, at about 16:30, Mr. G.T. from Czestochowa returning from Olesno [Opolskie] to Czestochowa [Slaskie] during his drive through Janiki [Czestochowski Powiat] witnessed a strange occurrence. As he said, at some moment his attention was drawn by some light twinkling in the darkness that then flew over the road from left to right side.

The man stopped his machine [Fiat Seicento] and immediately took some photos with his Kodak C503 camera capturing 3 bright lights of unknown origin over groove trees in the area.

"Returning from Olesno through Janiki - Slusarze I noticed with a corner of my eye a light moving with enormous speed that fly over my car. I felt scared but I stopped and began taking photos of the object in the field that was visible for about 3 seconds. The object flew from one side to another over my car" - said the witness.

The photo stirred lots of doubts but the witness claims that after inspection performed in the area of sighting, he couldn't localize any lights [lanterns, construction lights] that would be responsible for the image.

"Inspecting the are I didn't find any lanterns despite one located by the house (...). There are only poles here."

The case is still under investigation and for the time being we don't know if the sightings involve in fact one or three objects. Due to short duration of the sighting, the witness wasn't able to notice any structure between the lights. The object remained in his sight for 5 seconds.


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Source: NPN - www.npn.ehost.pl

By: Piotr Cielebias - "NOL - the Eastern European UFO Journal", 20/12/06

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