Spheroid Object Videotaped over California
Good day!

I had just had an interesting hour with the capturing of an unknown large object and then later a smaller object appear below it and then have the larger object explode before my eyes. I was mulling over this event in my head as I was driving on my way to a dinner get-together that I was already a bit late for due to the phenomena I had just witnessed.

Was what I witnessed a military operation, was it an experiment or something else perhaps brought on by unearthly authors? Thousands of questions swimming thru my head, what and where could the answers possibly be?

No sooner had I pulled up the driveway of my get-together that I noticed an extremely fast object traveling approximately three times faster than a jet airliner zipping across the skyline. The object was very close to the horizon heading in a north by northeastern direction. I never go anywhere with- out a camera and in this case I had the camcorder that I had just shot the exploding object with.

I jumped out of the vehicule and was able to free-hand capture about a minute before losing sight of the glowing object. There were no FAA lights visible, only a steady non-deviateing luminous glow. My apologies for the shakiness in the video capture, I'm always aprehensive shooting without my tripod.

Later that same evening and checking with JPL tracking and the "Heavens Above" website I've been able to conclude with almost 100% certainity that both events captured on the 18th was not satellite related.

Date: January 18th 2005

Duration: About 2.5 minutes

Capture Time: Approximately One Minute

Witnesses: One

Trajectory: Heading North by Northeast

Type of Object: Spheroid/Round

Color of Object: Glowing White

Weather: Clear, Cloudless, Windless Summary: After not seeing anything in the skies for a 1 & a half months I was elated to have captured both of these events.

Even more exciting was the fact that they both occured within approximately of 20 minutes of one another.

As with the first video, the camcorders clock/time stamp is exactly one hour fast above actual time as I've not yet set it back yet.

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