Delray Beach Video, 07-17-06

Hey B J,

Very busy night in the skies over Delray Beach, Florida last night. A few sightings took place. The first was at 10:45 PM to my west again the Object was the same as last night - a Pulsating object except this time the pulsate was much faster then last night I saw this for about 5 seconds then black. Also I noticed very highflying Military Jets last night I counted 4 of them. The second sighting was at 1:07 AM and this would be the 17th of July.

I was just about ready to call it a night and I saw a object streak to the east so I moved the camera to the east about 3 mins later I heard a very strange low humming noise like an electrical noise or the hum of a generator coming from the sky above me and you can hear it in the video but at first I didn't see anything then from behind a cloud something was moving to the west. I aimed the camcorder up and tried to zoom in on it and I got to tell you itís very difficult to clearly film something when itís moving and you are zoomed in on it. I just viewed the film and most of it is blurry due to the constant moving to keep the object in view. I have managed to capture a few frames of the object when image is stable on the camcorder.

I'm new to this and am learning about shooting Video. Ok so the images are very strange looking and I have no idea what it is. I do know itís not a plane. Planes at night you cannot see them in the dark sky except the blinking lights.

This object was lit up. Its kind of long like a cigar shape and it was moving to the right in the pictures. I thought it was a triangle at first but after reviewing the object on Digital Video I think it was cigar shape. No blinking lights on it at all.

Thanks JC

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