Rods Captured on Video in Florida

Here's the Rods Video. Now first I want to make a point here. Some people claim that Rods are insects; well this Video may prove them wrong!

Notice the second Rod that comes in horizontally then comes to a stop and the backside swings around and reverses its direction.If it were an insect it would just be one trail! This may be a first of this kind of movement filmed of a Rod.

I just viewed the original disk in the camera and the info is.

June 29 2006 9:31.42 is when i see the first one and the second is at 9:32.48.

I was shooting towards the west at a thunderstorm and this is what I captured. I was using a Sony Handycam DCR-DVD105 with Super Nightshot Plus on a tripod. The event was in Delray Beach Florida behind my home.



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