Large Rings on Dry Lake Bed Photographed from Air
Eyewitness Report:[p] Twenty Nine Palms/Joshua Tree Monument, CA-On December 9, my partner and I flew a Stearman to Palm Springs. About halfway there, we discovered a hard packed dry lake bed. Upon looking closer, we noticed two perfect circles (one inside the other) with a line connecting the two. These circles are at least 100 yards across (Maybe much larger; hard to tell).

From the ground we noticed they are not at all visible (we landed to check it out). There was one set of car tire tracks which could easily be seen from the ground and we could see the tracks left from our landing, but these perfect circles were not visible from the ground- only from the air.

We could think of no "reasonable" or logical explanation for these markings. Also, as the light changed they became harder to see from the air. These were most visible late morning from approximately 500 feet.


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