Unknown Object Filmed Near Jet, Texas 01-07-06

Hey BJ,

I wasn't planning on sending you another photo this soon, but I know you would want to see this one soon as possible. I had my camera on full zoom(12x) when I took this photo of the jet. If it had been closer to me this would have been the photo of the year I think. The jet was in the western sky here in Kaufman and it was a clear day even though more jets were trying their best to make some clouds.

It was 12:50 PM, today, 01-07-2006 when I took the photo. The saucer appears to me to have a orb/spheroid beneath it also. Looks like 2006 is going to be a very good year for UFOs. I'm sending you a cropped and enlarged photo of the object, also sending you a copy of the original if you want to clean it up for better viewing, I haven't done anything to the cropped version except enlarge it. Thanks my friend...Larry

And here I am still trying to understand what the object in the last photo was...Thanks again to Larry, Kaufman, Texas.

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