Unknowns Photographed Between Clouds, Kaufman, TX, 02-15 & 02-16, 2006

I was taking photos of clouds with the sun behind them on 02-16-2006 at about 4:00 PM. Sometimes when I do this if the sun is just in the right position, the clouds will light up with different colors as this one did. On the left side of this photo something else appeared in between the clouds also. As I've said before, some of these objects I see and some I don't but the camera catches them.

I have often noticed when taking photos especially with the camera zoomed, these objects are moving so fast across the viewfinder, by the time I see them and snap the picture, they're gone, and I miss them. I know the objects are usually around clouds, fast jets and their trails and if I take photos of these, the objects sometimes appear and get caught by the camera. I was taking these photos facing west. Later my friend.


Also included is a photograph of a triangle-shaped object taken on 02-15-06. Thanks Larry for sending in your photographs.

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