Unknown Object Photographed over Kaufman, Texas, 10-21-06

Hey B J,

On 10-21-2006 at 6:48 pm in Kaufman Texas, I saw this bright orange flash in the western sky at about 10 o'clock high.It was coming down vertically when I first saw it and I watched it for a couple seconds before I realized I'd better get a pic of it.

I zoomed in on it to 12x optical and snapped five burst photos of it. When the camera was ready again( which takes a couple seconds) ,I couldn't tell if the object disappeared or sped off,it just wasn't there anymore so I didn't get anymore pics of it.

When I downloaded the pics on the computer, I zoomed in on the object and saw something I never saw before, it appears to show some type of structure or framework on the object. The sighting lasted not more than five or six seconds at the most. The sky was completely clear and the temperature was 60 or 65 degrees and the sun had just set, no wind to speak of. Sending a copy of the first original photo I took,thought this may be of interest to you. Thanks,


A big thanks to Larry for sending us another great photo of an unknown from Texas.

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