Saucer-shaped UFO Videotaped over Kaufman, TX, 11-04-04

Hey B J,

I was digging around in some of my old files and nearly forgot I had this clip. It was taken in November, 2004. I didn't know if this was a bird or what and never did submit it to anyone.

I've seen these "things" several times, (4or 5)and hadn't figured out what they are yet. Sometimes they appeared to be saucer shaped, like this one, other times they appear to be like the "fleet" reports (sphere shape) that people submit to you. And sometimes they appear to be birds, they are highly reflective whatever they are.

The ones I've seen are usually straight up in the sky and look like small points of white-like dots against the blue sky as this one was. They may be shape-shifting or morphing objects of some kind, I really don't know. I thought this would be of interest to you, maybe you or your readers might have some idea what they are.

Take care...Larry

A big thanks to you Larry, for a great, compelling video of an unknown.

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