Unknown Object Photographed over Kaufman, TX: 11-24-06

Hey B J,

I saw this dot of light at about 10 o'clock high appearing to be coming down at a fast pace in the southwest sky in Kaufman Texas about 5:30 pm on 11-24-2006. I heard no sound at all from this object. This is the area where I see a lot of flashes in the sky in the daytime.

I was thinking it was probably a jet so I got two quick pics of it just to see if it was. After I downloaded it, wished I'd got more pics because it don't look like a jet to me. Take a look and see if it looks like a jet to you.

If I'm looking at it right, it appears to have a fuselage and two extra long "wings" shaped into a V. I haven't seen anything shaped like this if this is how it really looks. Sending copies of the originals of both photos. Thought you would be interested and maybe could identify it.

Thanks my friend.


And thank you Larry for another intriguing photo of an unknown in our Texas skies.

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