Video Presentation-UFO Photographs from Kaufman, TX: 2006
UFO Not very long ago, I received via email a Christmas present. And to me, this present could not have been better. It was a video presentation of many of the photographs of unknown objects that were captured by photographer extraordinaire Larry, from Kaufman, Texas.

Larry, who will continue to remain anonymous, has sent many photographs of objects flying through the skies of his area, both daylight and night time. He and I are very good friends, although we have never met, and I am always anxious to see what he has photographed as of late.

I asked Larry's permission to post this video on the Casebook for the use of the general public, and of course, he was only happy to say yes. The video is a streaming Windows Media file, which will begin at your command, and also there is a link below the player to download the file if you wish to.

A big thanks to Larry for the effort put into this excellent presentation. There is no greater gift than friendship. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Download Windows Video, 7.1 MB-Time: 6:03

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