A UFO Fleet or Flock of Birds?

Recently, the UFO Casebook published a report sent to us concerning a film taken in Mexico on April 11th, 2005. To see this report, go here.

This video corroborated a similar video taken the same day by a second cameraman. The two cameramen did not know each other.

After seeing this report, my good friend and avid sky watcher lawwalk from Kaufman County, Texas sent me the following email.

Hi BJ,

I haven't found the original tape yet but this is a Mpeg clip I put on a cd of it. I first thought they were orbs, but after watching it for a while,I think they may be birds of some kind.That's why I never sent it to anyone. But if the Mexico tape is UFOs, this could be too, they are similar. Be for sure I'm not saying this one is UFOs, because I don't know. This was taken on May 03,2004 in the afternoon around 2:00pm. I was looking northwest taking the video and they were heading southwest..Larry

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