UFO photographed over Kaufman, County TX 06-17-05
Kaufman, 06-17-05 click for larger image

Hey BJ,

As you well know, I love to sky watch and record anything out of the ordinary in the skies of Kaufman, Texas where I live. A lot of the flying things I see and a lot of them I don't see, but the camera and camcorder captures them just the same.

It is my belief that there are things flying the human eye can't see (and what I'm sending you is further proof, at least to me) that this is true. On 06-17-2005, at 1:21 PM, I took a photo of this cloud in the western sky.

I did not see the object when I took the photo, but when I downloaded it on my computer, I noticed an object in the center/top portion of the picture. It didn't look like the bird, bug, or airplane sort of thing, so I magnified it to get a better look. This is what I saw...I'm sending you a copy of the original photo and a couple of enlargements for your inspection.

Your friend...Larry

(Image rotated app. 50 degrees right, slightly enhanced for shadow, lightness, highlighting)

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