UFO PHOTO 'PROOF' (Hovers over Selby, U. K.)

30 May 2006-THIS X-Files image shows what is believed to be a UFO hovering over a well-known Selby beauty spot. The photo – taken by Selby resident Jody Holden – has been described by friend and fellow UFO enthusiast Russell Kellett as "one of the most powerful UFO images ever captured".

The duo are both members of the British UFO Hunters but insist they don't have to do much hunting to find extra terrestrial activity in the town.

Russell said the image of an alien spacecraft looking down on Brayton Barff was captured a month ago.

He added: "At first Jody looked and thought it was an aeroplane, but on closer inspection he saw it was a saucer with a two-tier effect."

The 42-year-old Filey resident explained he was ready to give up his research after he believed his work wasn't being taken seriously enough.

"People around the world have been sending us messages and e-mails telling us not to give up. This is a very powerful image, one of the best I've ever seen. We know it's not simply plasma making this happen; we've heard this all before. "People need to be aware just what's going on, or at least that there's something a little bit mysterious occurring."

A report released by the MOD recently revealed 15 per cent of UFO sightings in 2005 occurred in North Yorkshire.

As exclusively revealed in the Selby Times last year, the town recorded an unprecedented 33 cases of X-File phenomena in 2004, shooting the district to third spot in the British UFO Hunters' activity top ten.

Any budding extra terrestrial seekers out there are urged to contact Russell's hotline on 01723 514700 with reports of sightings, or visit the www.UFO–paranormal.co.uk website.

source and references:

The Selby News - Yorkshire, UK


Photograph © Russell Kellett

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