Confessions of an ex-Airman on Kelly AFB

Timeline 1960-1963.....We will call him airman Smith:

At the time this occured, airman Smith was stationed in W.Germany. One night he was orded to fly stateside for a hush-hush emergency. His orders were to secure damaged equiptment,store said equiptment in footlocker provided to him, sit on the locker, guard it with his life until he delivered it to an undisclosed location, where he was to disembark & repair damaged equiptment.

He landed in some unmarked landing strip somewhere in the Nevada desert, where he met up with two other airmen from two other spots on the globe. They all traveled together to the CRASH site in an old jeep. The craft was one of ours, proto-pre-SR71 or something like that. He stated it was some kind of (fast) recon bird. They (the technicians) each had a piece of equiptment assigned to them. They were each responsable for those individual pieces & were not allowed to talk to each other about what they were doing.

After retrieving the required parts, the were flown to Kelly/Kelley? AFB in Texas. They landed with no problem, this is where it gets kinda weird. As they are taxiing down the runway, they pull in between two hangars & were waiting for what he assumed would be one of thoses tow-vehicles to pull them into the hangar. The next thing he felt was very strange, he felt like they were going down, & after about 15 seconds as things got darker, he was quite sure of it. He estimated that it took about 3-5minutes to get to what he thought the bottom was. After diembarking from the plane, he was greeted by some gents that had black uniforms & black berets'. They had no markings or insignias at all. He did recall what he perceived as an enlisted man call one of the soliders Lieutenant.

The Hanger/ was estimated to be about 100yds long & 60-100ft high, in a semi-dome configuration or quansit-hut(sp?) I didn't get a chance to ask how wide, but he did say the aircraft could be turned around fully in the area. There were no windows in the walls, only reinforced steel doors. He(airman Smith) felt that this area branched off in four different directions, he didn't elaborate why he felt this except to say that that is the impression he got.

He & the other technicians were then escorted to separate small but highly sophisticated labs. He said the equiptment that he was allowed to use was years ahead of whatever was on the open market. He said that the most of the test equiptment he used was fairly easy to use as opposed to some of the equiptment he used on a daily basis.

They (The airmen) were to analyze the equiptment & repair it. Each of the labs were equipped with sleeping quarters & all meals were brought to them. He was there for three days & did not see another soul(with the exceptions of the guards of course) , & was not allowed to roam the area at all. He was debriefed before he left for quite a few hours.