Unknown Object Filmed over Knights Ferry, CA, 05-14-06

Today ( May 14, 06 ) I was at Knights Ferry, CA. on a family outing. I had taken several pictures at the Historical Park, which is located in an unpopulated area to the East of Oakdale, CA. Later today I was looking at the photos and noticed something that seemed to be out of place in one of them. It looks like a spherical object that is raising up into the sky from the ground.

There even seems to be an exhaust trail below the sphere. This area is across a river, and the trees are fairly tall over there, at least 60 feet tall. The sphere is raising up directly above a tree on the other side of the Stanislaus River.

I don't know what this might have been, as there are no houses in that area and it is only frequented by hikers and fishermen. I did not see the object when I was taking the picture, only when I examined the photo later...the skies were clear with no clouds visible.

R. David Anderson

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Report & Photograph © R. David Anderson

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