Kings Cross, England-Unusual flying object photographed, missing time
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The witness states that: I went outside onto my balcony to put my washing into my dryer as I usually do around 11.30 p.m. I was generally looking at the sky over the Kings Cross Area towards the West End. I noticed 2 small red and orange lights in colour and one very bright white light. Living in an area flight path to Heathrow, we are used to seeing lights from the planes and colours. These lights were like no other that I have ever seen.

Upon seeing them I called my partner Guy to have a look and upon him seeing them we both agreed that they looked very strange and unusual to be planes or helicopters as we are used to them as well. There movements were very rapid to fast for a plane.

We decided to get out our Digital Camera in an attempt to get some photographs. What we got was AMAZING; nothing like I have ever seen before and probably never will again especially the last photograph that was taken of the objects moving off at a high speed after joining together towards the 2 smaller red and orangelights vanishing southwards.

I wrote back asking for more information, and received this reply:

B J,

The time was about 11.30pm on the 10th June 2005. It was a clear night; the objects were in a southerly direction over Islington towards Oxford. We were on our apartment veranda at the time. To begin with, there was one "Bright White Pulsating" object which then split into 4 smaller white lights to what we can only describe as a pyramid shape. Out of this came the smaller shaped orbs of red glowing colour which then persisted to follow the pyramid shaped object from a distance glowing all the time. After about half an hour the objects closed in nearer to each other and accelerated at a speed that we would never have believed it if we had not seen it with our own eyes. On returning indoors we found that there had been a lapse in time that we could not account for and still cannot.

thanks to G. T. and G. J.

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