UFO Landing Near Kirtland Air Force Base

Kirtland Overview
Albuquerque, NM , August 9, 1980. This is an interesting report that has far-reaching implications if true, especially in light of what has been reported before at, and near, Kirtland AFB, a military base which is one of the most sensitive military installations in the world.

This report by Bruce Maccabee is also an attempt to locate records relating to it. On the morning of August 9, 1980, several security guards at the Manzano Weapons Storage Area, adjacent to Kirtland AFB, saw a bright light descend in (a) restricted area.

A fourth guard observed a disk shaped light in the vicinity of a bunker used to store nuclear weapons.

The incident resulted in a report being filed with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) at Kirtland. The incident was subsequently investigated by agent Richard Doty -- an interesting and mysterious figure who often appears in the UFO literature.

Doty filed a preliminary report on the incident, which has been acknowledged and released by the Air Force. Maccabee's question is, where is the follow-up report?

Surely, no such incident at an atomic facility, even if explainable by mundane causes, would go without further investigation.

Maccabee reveals strong circumstantial evidence that such a report exists but is being withheld by the Air Force.

written by Francis Ridge

source: http://www.nicap.dabsol.co.uk/kirtland80dir.htm

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