POLAND: Chance UFO Photographed By Klepaczka Mast
UFO [21/09/06] Klepaczka, Wreczyca Wielka Commune, Slaskie Voiovodship, September 21st 2006, ~ 15:00. On September 21st 2006, a possible UFO object was photographed in vicinity of Klepaczka FM- and TV-mast [one of the tallest structures in the country].

At first glance the object captured seems to be nothing more than an insect but after closer investigation of it, some interesting features can be distinguished.

The photo was taken on 21st September 2006 by Mr. Grzegorz Tarczynski - a skywatcher connected with NPN organization, [involved in previous UFO incidents] who had previously managed to take photos depicting possible UFOs, for example in Mt. Osson area in Czestochowa. At that occasion the object also couldn't be seen with naked eye.

Sonny Ericcson k510 built-in camera was applied. The photo was taken in Klepaczka village located in Wreczyca Wielka commune in Klobuck powiat in Slaskie Voiovodship at about 15:00. The witness who didn't see the object, told about peculiar feelings accompanying that incident.

"I'm a sales representative, I'm often taking buisness tours" - he stated. "On that day I was in Olesno but something was insisting on me to take some photos of the Klepaczka mast. It was very importunate so I began rounding the mast."

The object in the background is RTCN Klepaczka [RTCN Wreczyca], - a 340 m. high FM- and TV-mast built in 1997 [one of the tallest structures in Poland]. The fact that the object appeared in close vicinity of the structure is quite intriguing and it can't be at all just a coincidence.

On enlarged images we can see that the object is possibly triangular in shape with an antenna-like protuberance on the top [well visible also on the original]. It is a slight reminiscence of Jakub Puszkarewicz's photo taken in the central part of Rzeszow [Podkarpackie] in May 2004, presenting an accidentally captured UFO with also with antenna-like protrusion.

Photo was also sent to Dirk Vander Ploeg from UFODIGEST who pointed at resemblances between it and Joe Facenda photo, taken recently in Italy. He also sent us the presented enchancements of the object.


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source and references:

Source: NPN - http://www.npn.ehost.pl/, 29/09/06

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Special thanks for: Dirk Vander Ploeg & Robert Morningstar - UFODIGEST [Ontario, Canada], 29/09/06. UFO Casebook report

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