UFO over Knight's Ferry, CA-06-13-05

The UFO Casebook received the following report with video and still images from Dr. Mark Olson, good friend and fellow UFORA member. A very interesting account this one. Mark tells us that:

On June 13th at 10:18 PM, I was on my way home from Modesto (about an hour's drive east of Sonora) from a conference, when my friend, Joyce and I spotted a strange and unknown glowing object to our Northeast. This was near a place called Knight's Ferry.

I videotaped it while Joyce was driving. Joyce pulled over but the object had disappeared. It was glowing and in a shape I have not seen before.


Not only that, but a black helicopter flew over my home, very low and the people in it were looking right at my brother and I as we sat on the front porch!

There were no discernible markings on the helicopter. Gave me goose pimples! Let me know if you would like me to send you the video clip of the helicopter. B J, the only helicopters that have been seen here are red (Fire Dept.), red and white (medical) and green (Forestry Dept.) This black one has never been seen here before.

Thanks, my friend!


Video & Still Photos © www.sonorasightings.com

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source & references:

Mark A. Olson, D.M.




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