POLAND: UFO over Kedzierzyn Kozle, 04-03-06
Kedrzierzyn - Kozle [woj.opolskie], 03/04/06, 16:30.

Mr. Jedrzej [read: Yentzshey] from Kedzierzyn - Kozle [read: Kendsieshyn - Kozshle] playing football on a nearby playing ground when he looked up and saw an object dissimilar to a plane.

It looked like a two dishes joined together. It was moving with constant speed without any rapid movements. Its hull surface was metallic and he was able to noticed sunbeams reflecting in it. The witness is sure that the object "wasn't a product of human".

The sighting took place on April 3rd 2006 at about 4.30 pm. behind the "Manhattan" sport hall in Kedzierzyn - Kozle.

source and references:

www.ufoarea.pl [Poland]

Special thanks to: ufoarea.pl

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