UFO Sighted over Lafayette, Indiana
My wife and I often take walks at night. We live just on the West edge of West Lafayette, Indiana. There are no street lights where we live, just at the edge where residential meets farm land. On March 30, it was dark, the sky was clear, and we could see the stars very clearly. We took a walk down Old Oak Drive about 9:30 PM. This road runs East-West, and we were walking toward the east. We had only walked down to about the second house when we both looked up in the sky to the Northeast.

There were three lights in a horizontal row that looked sort of like old Edison type incandescent lamps, kind of orange with some kind of texture in them, like an orange ring or something. My first thought was that it was a low-flying airplane, heading for the Purdue airport. At the time, however, it was strange that a plane that looked so close was absolutely silent. I said, "what's that?" We both looked at it for several seconds and it faded out. We both thought it must have gone behind a tree branch (though there weren't any branches that high that were thick enough.) In a few seconds, it faded back in, displaced slightly to the right, then faded out as it again seemed to be going behind a branch. We were walking the whole time, watching the place where it had been, so we thought once we walked past a couple of tall pines on our left we'd see it again going overhead as we both thought it was coming in our direction. Not so. It was just gone and never reappeared.

It made no sound at all, which was strange in itself. Afterward several planes flew overhead and they all looked very different. Their lights were bright and they all had the blinking red and green lights. They all made sound we could hear, even a couple of fairly high passenger jets. The thing we saw was absolutely silent, and had no blinking lights. The lights it had were more of an orange color and they didn't flash... there were no flashing lights on it at all.

It didn't look like any of the classic descriptions of UFOs you hear about, but there it was, and it disappeared completely. We stood on Old Oak Drive for a long time, scanning the clear sky, looking for something that might explain things. We saw nothing. In fact, while we watched we saw several planes of all kinds, flying both low and high, and they just emphasized how different the thing was that we saw. I stayed outside for another 15 minutes watching the sky, but it was gone.

I have no idea how high it was or how far away. I guessed that if I stretched out my arm (we measured it at about 25 inches from my eye) the lights spanned about 0.5-0.6 inches. If it was 1500-2500 feet away, I think that would represent a span of 50-60 feet. If it was much farther away, of course it would have been larger.

We told some friends about it. Later on, surfing the Internet, I found the UFO Casebook Internet site, and discovered the section called "Indiana Lights stack up." Although those descriptions vary in some respects from what we saw, they all report orange lights that sound a lot like what we saw. They all occur in the space of about one week too, so I thought I should post our sighting as well.

I've attached a slide of what it looked like. I put in an animation to try to show what it did, so just click on the slide show, and then click it to start the animation.

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