Lakeland Florida Encounter with Aliens, 1968

Depiction of UFO
October 1968 - Lakeland, Florida Witnesses:

Mr. & Mrs. McMullen

Miss Sharon Burgess

Two school students

Report Summary:

Mr. & Mrs. McMullen, Miss Sharon Burgess and two school students saw a mysterious object heading towards the McMullen home from a nearby hill.

The disc-shaped UFO, approximately 13 feet in diameter and 8 feet high, hovered 7 feet above a palm tree, a 150 feet distance from the house.

Two occupants dressed in white, tight outfits and with headgear, were seen through its transparent dome.

Prior to the incident and during the twenty minutes the 'saucer' was present, Mr. & Mrs. McMullen noted audio and visual interference on their TV... also they complained of a smell, like ammonia, that burned their noses and eyes.

During the excitement, the McMullen's dog knocked a hole in the screen porch in an effort to get away form the UFO.

Lakeland police were called, but the 'visitors' had left by the time the police cruiser arrived.

The case has never had an adequate solution.


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