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Saucer-shaped UFO Photographed over East Texas, 09-06-06

About 3:00 PM on 09-06-2006, I took this photo of clouds above me, but didn't notice the object until later. I took 5 photos of this cloud sight in burst mode and the object was only in the first photo that I could find.

This tells me again that you have to click the camera button at the exact right time to catch these things because they travel so fast.

It was fairly easy to see that this object is saucer shaped, with a dome that has ports or windows, definitely a structured object. I'm sending you a copy of the original photo for you to check out.



A big thanks again to Larry for sending us this great photo of a UFO.

download full-sized photo, 3,264 x 2448 pixels, 781 kbs.

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