Unknown Object with Trail Photographed over Kaufman, Texas, 12-31-05
Hey BJ,

I thought I was photographing a jet at the time. It was several miles to the west toward Dallas. My wife got a look at the pic and wanted to know if I had sent it to you yet. She doesn't get too excited about most of my photos, but this one she said was one of the best ones I had.

Yesterday on the 5th, she was looking out our den window and called for me to come see this object that was stationary in the sky. She said it was big as a golf ball and copper color looking at it and to bring my camera.

She was distracted before I got in there and looked off from it for a second and it left before I got in there to see it. She's no stranger to seeing flying things in the sky, we both together have seen a few. Anyway she definitely wants to know what your comment will be on this one I'm sending you.


Thanks Larry, for sending us another great image. I'll have to look this one over a bit. I don't have an explanation for this one right now.

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