UFO Photographed over Leigh on Sea, U K, 12-18-05
LEIGH ON SEA -- It is unusual to get many UFO photo's from the local area but this one certainly shows what appears to be a saucer shaped object. Not just one either! There are two objects nearer the camera with more in the distance. This could well be the first fleet of UFO's captured on digital camera in the Essex area. It has been sent for analysis but Tom our magazine editor has enlarged and put the subsequent images through filters to enhance the objects.

Here is a copy of the e-mail which was recently sent to us.

You may be interested in this picture taken at 7.45 AM, Sunday December 18, 2005, of the sunrise. When I loaded it to my computer I noticed a dot in the middle of the images, to the right of the jet and just below. Zoom in and check it out and let me know what you think. Several people have found other dots that look interesting one to the left hand side near to the house. I sent a copy to the MOD but have not had a response, I also contaced the CAA, they replied and told me they pass on reports to the MOD. They gave me a telephone number, which is the UFO report line.

Photo 1 - This image filtered shows two objects in the distance This cropped image shows a saucer shaped object. Note the reflection at the top of the image from the sun. Also there is a white glow underneath the object. Is this the power source. The objects vanishes when an aircraft enters the airspace. It also vanishes in a red flash which is the red interference shown on the film footage. As yet, no one has given a logical answer for this object which was filmed over Billericay in Essex, England. I also have footage of the same object taken over Great Wakering, stills on the website, and I have personally seen this object so can vouch for the authenticity of the object. Furthermore it has been seen by multiple witnesses over a period of about two years. Thanks to Mark Southend UFO Group

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