Letters to the Editor... Posted 05-21-07
I read with keen interest the article(with VERY good photos)about what were described as "aerial drones" seen over Lake Tahoe and Central California. I first read the Coast To Coast AM story as posted by a "Chad", then the follow up as posted by Linda Howe, which directed me to YOUR website.

There seems to be A LOT of interest over something which-when I saw it a few years back-I too found interesting but DID NOT think it would send off alarm bells as it seems to have done to members of the UFO community. In hopes of perhaps quelling any possible public panic over these things, I'd like to share with you a letter which I sent to Ms. Howe, sharing MY experience with them(as seen in Sequoia National Park).

Here is the letter I sent to Ms. Howe, in regard to the "aerial drones" spotted over Central California and Lake Tahoe this month.


I read with keen interest the Coast To Coast article about what was described as "drones" photographed over Lake Tahoe and somewhere here in the Central Valley of California. It jolted my memory to something that happened a few years back when I was at the Sequoia National Park with my dad(now deceased).

At the time, there was alot of road repair going on at the park. We were preparing to leave the park and we were a bit confused as to which road to take to get out of the park and back on a main road heading home to Porterville. We made a couple of stops to ask directions: first with a park ranger and again later from one of the road repair crews. As I was getting directions from the park ranger this WEIRD THING flew overhead, going at a nice, leisurely pace and reminding me of a dragonfly! I asked the park ranger:"WHAT was THAT?!" to which he replied:

"I'm told it's some kind of a communications device that's supposed to help the park service monitor the area for potential problems-stuff like fires and such." I joked:"So it's NOT a UFO?' to which he kind of chuckled and casually said:"Ha! Nah, I don't think so!" He was just so CASUAL about the whole thing that I really didn't give it much thought at the time, and I'd almost FORGOT about it until I read that story posted by a "Chad". My dad (who was up in his late eighties at that time) never saw it, but I AGAIN spotted it off in the distance as we got directions from the road crew.

Ask Chad if he took his photographs in or near the Sequoia National Park. If he DID, he might want to casually approach one of the park service personnel and show them one of the photographs he took, asking them for any/all information they know about it. I actually did have a camera with me that day( a small, hand-wind 110) but I wasn't holding it when I got out of the car to ask directions (though I likely would NOT have gotten photos anywhere near as GOOD as what Chad(or the other guy at Lake Tahoe)did, as I didn't have high-speed film and it was such a CRUMMY little camera anyway!

Best regards,

Shirley P.

P.S. Not sure if there is any connection to the funny thing I saw, but that day I got a TERRIBLE headache and nausea, which was WHY we decided to leave the park earlier than we'd planned that day. I'd chalked it up to driving at such high elevations(and Dad going too fast on those tight, winding roads) but then again you never know!


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