Video of unknown object taken over Leyland, Lancashire-June 09, 2005

In the latter part of 2002, videographer Martin H. sent the UFO Casebook a number of videos of unknown objects. These videos contained some extremely compelling images of what appear to be UFOs. The anomalous objects were caught on camera wihile traversing the skies of Leyland, Lancashire in the United Kingdom.

Martin became a friend of mine, and he and I have communicated with each other a number of times about what was flying over the Lancashire skies. Many of his 2002/2003 videos can be seen on this page.

Yesterday (06-09-05) I heard from Martin again. He has struck gold once more with another great film of an unknown object. As usual, Martin's film is unmatched for clarity and quality. What you will see here is a short representative clip of a 10 minute video taken on 06-09-05 at approximately 22:40 hours. Video © Martin H.

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Video © Martin H.

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